About Me

Hi! My name is Jeannie Tay and I am from Malaysia. I love to cook, or rather, I love to bake:D I would prefer to leave the cooking of meals to my sons if I could.  I do not have any professional training for baking and whatever knowledge I have gained over the years is from cookbooks or from newspapers publications and of course from fellow bloggers who are very generous in sharing their knowledge and recipes in their blogs.  I prefer to just use a recipe without any major adjustments to the ingredients if possible except perhaps to cut down on the quantity to make smaller amount and substitute certain ingredients that is not available to me at the time of baking.

I started this blog because I need a place to document my experiences and keep track of the huge amount of recipes cut outs which are lying all over the place in the kitchen! Hopefully, I could get rid of them after I have documented them all into this blog but the list of to do recipes seem never ending!

Well, I am not much of a computer wiz, I get by by fiddling around and somehow, managed to dislocate my profile from the home page! So I fiddled some more and manage to get this page up lol! Let's hope it didn't disappear too!

Hope you enjoy visiting and reading my blog posts and leave some comments while on the way out:) Do come back again soon!

If you have any need to contact me, my email is

Happy baking and cooking:D



  1. Good to read a little bit more about you. You are most fortunate to have sons who don't mind doing the cooking :) Like you, I do have those recipe cut-outs but not as much any more. A food blog is definitely a good way to eliminate those.

  2. Nice job, Jeannie. I think you can do better.

  3. Hi Jeannie, haven't seen your post for a long time. Have you been baking and cooking? Miss your post.

    1. Hi Amy, I have officially migrated to this blog, maybe I should close the other one huh!

  4. I really like your recipes, I hope you can continue to update it.

  5. wahhhh...sifu...this diary thing must be an antique now hor...but i still love look into it...


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